CRPS, or Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (Type 1), is a change in the nervous system that's usually triggered by a very painful episode. The bad kinds affect the brain, nerves, muscles, skin, metabolism, circulation, and fight-or-flight response. Lucky me; that's what I've got. ... But life is still inherently good (or I don't know when to quit; either way) and, good or not, life still goes on.

Saturday, February 16, 2013


It's my last evening in what has begun to feel like home. You should see the prep on the garden. Some fabulous food will come out of there. Pretty much all J's work of course, but I cheered.

Long drive for two days, then ill be in (gulp) the snow. Considering the latitude it shouldn't last long.

What really unnerves me is four solid days of physical and mental assessments. It'll be an interesting week. I'm pretty sure I'll make it to the weekend....

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