CRPS, or Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (Type 1), is a change in the nervous system that's usually triggered by a very painful episode. The bad kinds affect the brain, nerves, muscles, skin, metabolism, circulation, and fight-or-flight response. Lucky me; that's what I've got. ... But life is still inherently good (or I don't know when to quit; either way) and, good or not, life still goes on.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Inspiration and vacation

I must remember to inhale. It's too normal to go about with my whole core clenched. It's very tiring, and I'm generally tired enough, thank you.

Here's an interesting thought... If I feel chronically un-rested, it's tempting to think that the solution is to rest, at some point, for long enough to recuperate completely. Nice thought, eh?

Doesn't work. For one thing, I need to Do Something to keep the lymph flowing & neurotransmitters cycling, so absolute rest is beyond me. For another ... Well, pursuing yet another extreme state probably misses the point.

So I come to the idea -- by a very long route -- that resting and recuperation are supposed to be as much a part of daily life as eating and breathing and sleeping. (Strange thought.)

It takes a certain amount of determination and persistence. It's much easier, given my situation and habits, to churn on something that frustrates me or to brace for the next unexpected blow.

I'm practicing. Yesterday, I took a more scenic route home; don't think it took much longer, but I got quite a bit of sun on my hair ... And I remembered how to inhale.

I got only a couple hours' sleep the prior night and worked hard that day, but at 5:04 pm I felt more rested than I can remember.

Today, I still feel that much better. Inhaling is still something I need to remember to do, but the part about digging the moment I'm in is already easier. Stretching is spa-time. A moment in the sun is a break. A beautiful glimpse of sparkling sea is a mini-vacation.

So something worked.

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